About Us

Owners of three dogs and eight cats, we are constantly inspired by our pets' zest for life and we made it our mission to enable them to live their best lives with our original range of ultra-fun, ultra-comfortable gear and accessories.

Here at Gentle Pup, we’re committed to crafting accessories that are safe, easy-to-wear and comfortable. To achieve all this, it took us months of poring through different fabrics and materials, countless sketches and prototypes—until we were truly satisfied with every bit part of the products. The product you eventually hold in your hands is one of pure love and careful thought, something we personally advocate and use ourselves.

Gentle Pup Gives Back
9 out of 11 of our pets are adopted. Over the years, we have done our fair share of fostering and rehoming animals to understand the amount of hardship shelters and individual rescuers go through to keep the animals' bellies full. Therefore, part of our proceeds will go towards helping needy animals. Thank you for helping us help them.
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Celine & Jon