Gentle Pup Gives Back

9 out of 11 of our pets are adopted. Over the years, we have done our fair share of fostering and rehoming animals to understand the amount of hardship shelters and individual rescuers go through to keep the animals' bellies full. Therefore, part of our proceeds will go towards helping needy animals.

Here are some (not all) projects we have participated over the years.

Donation to Forget Me Not Dog Shelter, May 2020
We donated collars for the dogs in the shelter and under foster care.

Fundraising for Stay Purr Club, July 2020
Our distributor in Indonesia donated 10% for each cat collar sold, to Stay Purr Club, an independent cat rescue movement in Jakarta. To support the good work, we matched their donation at the end of the fundraising campaign.

Fundraising for Myanmar Shelter, October 2021
Our distributor in Myanmar donated part proceeds for each Gentle Pup accessory to a local shelter. We also donated collars for the shelter dogs.

Fundraising for independent cat rescuer, July 2022
We donated 50% for each Gentle Pup accessory sold to a family of cats rescued from a backyard breeding case.

With your help, we look forward to helping more needy animals. Thank you for helping us help them.